Risk Management

The Columbus Organization works to assist organizations with risk management. 

We can:

  • Provide expert consultants with intellectual and developmental disability expertise and a national perspective to support the formulation of realistic recommendations to agencies and facilities regarding changes to the risk management system and related processes.
  • Conduct individual-specific and service provider reviews.
  • Develop or improve incident management reporting policies and practices.
  • Conduct incident investigations.
  • Conduct root cause analysis of serious incidents.
  • Evaluate and analyze agency/organization current services and future service demands to support the identification of opportunities for strategic service enhancement.
  • Provide coaching, technical assistance, training and monitoring services.
  • Collect and analyze clinical information to provide statistically valid and reliable analyses and data interpretations and to assess the effectiveness of recommendations for improvement.
  • Analyze data to support practical, operational recommendations, such as those focused on improving staffing, facilitating the implementation of operational changes, and/or projecting the needs for community supports in the event of facility downsizing or closure.
  • Identify system/regional trends in quality care and develop strategies to promote system/region/center improvements.
  • Assist with preparation for waiver monitoring visits, including assistance with completion of self-assessment, the development of specific self-survey instrumentation to measure compliance with waiver requirements, and coordinated development and implementation of plans of correction to enhance waiver compliance.