Why Columbus

The Columbus Organization is dedicated to something we call the Peace of Mind Solution.  We’re taking the steps and doing everything we can to ensure our customer receives the kind of service one expects from someone who is dedicated to care… to achieving a meaningful life.  We take this mission very seriously.  We go a step beyond, searching for that extra opportunity beyond the checklist that will make the people we support happy and fulfilled.  To help meet one’s goals. 

What else sets us apart?

  • Our employees.  We train to consistent and high standards.  Our employee-to-individuals ratio is low which means more dedicated time and attention. 
  • Our emphasis on quality and outcomes.  We employ Ph.D. level staff who focus on ensuring we exceed standards set for the industry, and constantly measure satisfaction to achieve the Peace of Mind Solution.
  • Our size and capabilities.  We are dedicated to this line of business.  We are investing in our company to make us even better.  More focused on individuals, more focused on their needs. 
  • Our responsiveness.  We’re “on call” to be there when needed.  We understand what it’s like to urgently need someone to talk to…and no one’s there. 

Since 1984, The Columbus Organization has collaborated with over 140 state and local agencies and school districts in 42 states. The Columbus Organization has built a national reputation for serving individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities through an outcomes-oriented approach coupled with a commitment to work closely with each individual. Throughout the years our overall goal has remained to help each individual, meet their personal goals, and we work diligently to do so.

As leaders and innovators working with individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, The Columbus Organization is pioneering a significant improvement in the way care coordination is delivered. The evidence-based inclusion of behavioral approaches to care coordination ensures excellent outcomes for the individuals we support. The Columbus Organization’s behavior team includes clinicians experienced in completing functional assessments and developing plans to address a wide range of behaviors.  Our team provides training and consultation to our care coordinators, providing them the support they need to work with individuals who exhibit even the most challenging behaviors.

The Columbus Organization team members have experience in clinical practice, designing and implementing active treatment programs, clinical research, staff training, forensic issues, litigation, recruiting professional staff for rural areas, and policy and procedure development. Our interdisciplinary team of professionals has collaborated with more states, state agencies and school districts resolving hard-to-fill job placements than any other.

Specific service contracts have ranged from the recruitment and management of special education teachers, school counselors, psychologists, occupational therapists, speech language pathologists, physical therapists, nurses, social workers, psychiatrists, on site administration, physicians, etc. to continuing education programs, quality assurance programs, and both statewide and center systems development activities.

When many state agencies engage with The Columbus Organization, they are under extreme pressure in the areas of regulatory compliance, service certification, and sometimes the threat of federal litigation. During our history we have excelled under pressure.  

We also have helped agencies achieve re-certification under the Federal Intermediate Care Facilities for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities (ICF/IID) program, and assisted in the successful closure of federal Department of Justice and Class Action litigation while vastly improving individual outcomes.

Hear from our Senior Vice President of Care Coordination, Carlos Hernandez, about The Columbus Organization difference