Peer Review Systems

The Columbus Organization can provide the following services to assist organizations in improving the delivery of health care services:

  • Provide external peer review of nursing and medical services with highly qualified staff, such as a registered nurse or a family nurse practitioner and a board-certified physician, each with substantial experience in Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities and the peer review process.
  • Assist with the creation of best practice guidelines/peer review systems.
  • Conduct peer review site visits in coordination with the state’s oversight agencies/departments and utilize the state’s peer review instrument for reviewing the individual case record.
  • Provide medical and nursing reviews to include (1) clinical areas, such as documentation, seizure disorders, acute illness and injury including emergency care, medication administration, maintaining skin integrity and nutritional management and other high priority areas as identified by the overseeing agency, and (2) progress toward the implementation of best practice guidelines.
  • Provide a findings report that identifies system-wide issues for improvement that are achievable and measurable, including oral and written reports and presentations provided on a mutually agreed schedule.
  • Ensure that the findings report references and provides reasonable justification for the findings, with the findings referencing the appropriate documentation and recommendations based on findings.
  • Provide focused technical assistance visits.