Behavioral Services

You may need to build, supplement, or contract complete services to meet the needs of your clients with intellectual and development disabilities.

The Columbus Organization Community Services offers a range of services from the development of individualized plans that reduce specific behaviors to training large groups of people to prevent inappropriate behaviors in their agencies.

Our services include:

  • ABA Therapy for children with Autism
  • Functional assessments of inappropriate or dangerous behaviors
  • Development of individualized behavior support plans to instruct caregivers on how to prevent and respond to these behaviors
  • Staff, caregiver, and family training
  • Providing hands-on support in the home, school, day program, and community setting
  • Consultation to agencies wanting to develop behavior systems
  • Workshops and seminars on topics including:
    • Introduction to Applied Behavior Analysis
    • Building a positive environment
    • Crisis prevention
    • Staff management
    • Behavior analysis in nursing homes
    • Behavior analysis in schools
    • Behavior analysis in mental health settings
    • Behavior analysis for families
    • Teaching positive behaviors
    • Customized training to meet your needs
    • BCBA supervision