Achieve Analytics®



Informing coordination of care through data

The ACHIEVE Analytics® platform is a state-of-the-art innovation in care coordination, designed to inform the most appropriate level of care and cost-effective supports for each individual’s person-centered plan.  Modeled on a holistic approach to person-centered care coordination, this data analytics tool is a customized instrument to identify and assess risk for individuals challenged by intellectual/developmental disabilities, behavioral health issues, or complex care needs.

Track Progress, Inform Decisions, and Reduce Risk

Integration of the ACHIEVE Analytics® platform in care coordination decision-making offers the opportunity to predict and proactively address an individual’s social, behavioral, or medical risk.  As a result, this preventative model can significantly decrease challenging and costly events like ER visits, hospitalizations, medication use, and injuries, while reducing morbidity and mortality. Additionally, the tool provides comprehensive insights on an individual’s social determinants of health while enabling care coordinators to monitor progress, optimize resources and respond more efficiently in support of the individual.

Medical Issues Non-Medical Issues
Hospitalizations  Provider satisfaction 
Hospital readmissions Service plan execution
ER visits Behavior change
Medication use Community involvement
Health status Friendships and social interactions
  Choice and decision making


Benefits of the ACHIEVE Analytics® platform

  • Enables data-driven decisions that reduce financial and health risk
  • Provides quantifiable measures of progress across medical and non-medical issues
  • Aligns with a holistic approach to person-centered care
  • User-friendly, dashboard-driven system minimizes extra administrative work for care coordinators
  • Easily integrated into operational practice
  • Comprises qualitative and quantitative data inputs, enabling a more comprehensive and integrated assessment of client status
  • Customized based on State compliance requirements
  • Viewable by caregivers and providers, allowing seamless visibility into a person’s care


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