The Columbus Organization Shares Its Care Coordination Model at the Open Minds I/DD Executive Summit

WAYNE, Pa., June 12, 2019 – Selected as one of a handful of thought leaders, The Columbus Organization’s President, Jeff Klimaski, served as a key panelist at the Open Minds 2019 I/DD Executive Summit in New Orleans, LA this past week. With hundreds of health and human service executives in the audience, Mr. Klimaski was joined by Tine Hansen-Turton, President/CEO of Woods Services, and Tonya Copeland, VP of I/DD Services & Employment & Community First CHOICES of UnitedHealthcare for the session entitled “New Directions & New Business Models: Building a Holistic Care Model for the I/DD Population.”

This conference provided a unique opportunity for The Columbus Organization to share the innovative ways they are approaching the future of integrated health care and care coordination. With a trend toward more holistic approaches to address the needs of the I/DD (Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities) community, The Columbus Organization has consistently been at the forefront, refining and demonstrating ways that organizations focused on this population can improve scalability, financial durability, service excellence, and strategic planning.

As Mr. Klimaski noted, “At The Columbus Organization, we have spent many years assessing the hurdles, obstacles, and challenges that impact optimal care. By creating a unique business approach, developing more comprehensive training and approaches for our staff, and continually developing new standardized tools, we are ensuring the highest quality care for the individuals we support. I truly believe our success today and into the future is directly correlated to our focus on data driven decisions, innovation that enables greater flexibility, and dedication to understanding people’s needs and evolving to meet those needs.”

Through The Columbus Organization’s ability to rapidly adapt to the changing market and the limitless set of variables that impact care coordination, the company will continue to define and communicate a roadmap for affordably, seamlessly, and effectively implementing a sustainable and reproducible care coordination model.

About The Columbus Organization

The Columbus Organization empowers individuals to realize their meaningful–life goals through nationally recognized care coordination, professional clinical staffing, and quality improvement services for the I/DD or behavioral needs community. Leveraging an unmatched depth of expertise, breadth of resources, diversity of thinking, and dedication to finding the most appropriate, personalized solutions for clients, The Columbus Organization provides a wide array of services specifically for families, individuals and the organizations that support them.

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