The Columbus Organization Launches Revolutionary Model in Care Coordination

In the ongoing pursuit of methods for reducing healthcare financial risk and improving health outcomes, The Columbus Organization, a nationally recognized pioneer in care coordination services, has again taken the lead by introducing an innovative model for delivering services to individuals with intellectual/developmental (IDD), behavioral, medical, and complex care challenges. The proprietary model, ACCOMPLISH™ is an acronym for Aligned Care Coordination Outcomes Model Providing Lifelong Independence & Sustained Health.

Healthcare risk management in the IDD and complex care population has become a critical goal for managed care companies, providers, state agencies, and numerous other stakeholders. With a significant proportion of individuals challenged by complex health issues, The Columbus Organization has developed this innovative model for simultaneously addressing an individual’s mental/behavioral health, medical/physical health, and social/daily living health. ACCOMPLISH™ does so through a systematized process that includes unique approaches to care coordinator selection & onboarding, complex care processes & tools, data management & analytics, ongoing learning & development, and performance & quality management.

Jeff Klimaski, President & CEO, commented, “We believe ACCOMPLISH™ could very well be the game changer in care coordination. Recognizing that approximately 10% of the IDD population incurs greater than 85% of the costs and poor outcomes, our ability to proactively address their needs and resource appropriately ensures superior health outcomes and optimized healthcare costs.” Implementation of ACCOMPLISH™ will potentially offer significant reductions in the financial risk associated with high-cost medical care like emergency room visits, hospital admissions, and medication use, while improving health outcomes through greater holistic and proactive approaches to care.

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